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Biohacking Through Science

Biohackr Health created a new kind of medical clinic to help you achieve your best cognitive, physical, and sexual health. We use regenerative medicine and anti-aging therapies that are science-based and physician-supervised. Biohackr Health is more agile and personalized than traditional medicine, allowing our team to take advantage of new technologies and tailor them to each individual. You optimize now to age better in the future.

  • SCIENCE. We are bringing science to this new frontier.
  • TESTING. We test levels of micronutrients, telomere length, NAD, cancer oncogenes, blood levels, and hormone levels, as well as deep dive into cholesterol, insulin panels, and more. Blood or saliva is collected and sent from our facility.
  • EXPERIENCE. We have extensive experience with semaglutide, NAD, IV supplementation, hormone pelleting.

Biohacking by Age

  • 20-35


    You should be positioning yourself to have the best body health possible. The great habits you start to adopt now will benefit you well in the future. Blink, and a decade will have gone by.

    • We have all of the usual aesthetic treatments — facials, BOTOX® Cosmetic, fillers, skincare, and more.
    • Your youth is the perfect time to develop good habits and analyze your baseline.
    • Micronutrient tests can help you discover any deficiencies.
    • NAD+ is a basic tenet of anti-aging, increasing longevity, and an essential part of any biohacking.
    • Optimize body muscle/fat percentages, engage in treatments to prevent sports injury, and recover better.
    • Are you overweight? Fixing those issues now helps all aspects of your health going forward.
    • Thinning hair? Start early to prevent hair loss, which occurs naturally with age.
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  • 35-50


    This is when your body peaks and issues start to accrue if you don’t actively optimize your health. The goal is to continue with the good knowledge and habits you formed when younger, and engage in treatments to help you recover and repair.

    • Hormone fluctuations start to take center stage — fertility, hair changes, libido changes, erectile changes, dryness, and menopause.
    • Weight may become a bigger issue.
    • Body changes occur with exercise recovery, strength, and endurance being affected.
    • Again, aesthetic treatments are still important during this time — as much as facial aging can still be corrected through non-surgical means.
    • Our Benchmark Program is great for those being proactive.
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  • 50+


    This is our premier program to deep dive into your health as you enter the next stage of life. It is important to look at all facets of your health: hormones, micronutrients, cancer risk, genetics, telomere length, cardiac risk, insulin resistance, and weight. If you have been busy with work and family, you have likely been neglecting yourself. That may work when you are younger, but without proactively addressing it, you will not age as well.

    • How can you optimize your brain health and minimize your risk of dementia and brain fog?
    • How can you keep your muscles healthy and help them stay strong and recover faster?
    • How can you adjust your hormones, which can affect sleep, libido, bone strength, cardiac risk, and more?
    • What nutrients and vitamins are you deficient in?
    • How can you maintain your weight?
    • How can you avoid insulin resistance?
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Biohacking By Gender

Biohackr Benchmark

Biohackr Benchmark is a comprehensive program designed to establish your health baseline, identify potential issues, and discover how to optimize your body, brain, and sexual health. Ideal for ages 45 to 60, Biohackr Benchmark involves an in-depth evaluation and 3-month treatment package, including NAD+ and Glutathione. Additional add-ons for weight management, including semaglutide, can be done as well.

Benchmark testing includes:

  • Biologic aging evaluation with Telomere Length testing (Spectracell)
  • Cancer screen evaluation with Genetic Cancer Screening (Natera) and DNA Blood Testing Cancer Screen for over 50 cancers (Galleri)
  • Hormone analysis (Testosterone, Estradiol, Progesterone, Thyroid)
  • Metabolic analysis (Liver Function, Kidney Function, and Electrolytes)
  • Micronutrient analysis (Essential Vitamins and Amino Acids)
  • Heart health with a Coronary Calcium CT scan (Stanford Hospital) and lipid panel
  • Body composition with an InBody Scan
  • Diabetes screen with HbA1C
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Who We Are

We created Biohackr Health based on the original ethos of biohacking: the desire to actively pursue one’s best health. Our Bay Area clinics offer doctor-supervised, science-based, and results-driven therapies. We seek to improve cognitive, physical, and sexual health — safely and non-invasively.

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