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What Concerns Do You Wish to Improve?

Biohackr Beauty is the go-to for aesthetics essentials.



When it comes to beauty, men and women often have overlapping desires. Both men and women are bothered by:

  • Wrinkles  – See Botox
  • Age-related volume loss  – See HA fillers, PRP filler, and Sculptra
  • Changes in skin quality and texture  – See laser resurfacing, skincare products, and our Bioregenerative face XO
  • Hair thinning  – See Nutrafol, Minoxidil, and Hair Regrow PRP and XO programs

Regenerative aesthetics can help reclaim the youthful properties of the skin, hair, and face to help you age with more confidence than ever before. In addition to proven therapies like botulinum (BOTOX®) injections and hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, Biohackr services include antioxidant-rich IVs, hair regrowth, exosomes, medical-grade microneedling, aesthetic lasers, resurfacing, and red light therapy among other regenerative treatments to repair damage at the cellular level.

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Biohacking By ages

  • 20-35
  • 35-50
  • 50+
  • Think prevention.

    Daily: In addition to wearing sunscreen, you should be using a daily topical antioxidant.

    Monthly/Yearly: If wrinkles are starting to form, botulinum-based therapies like BOTOX® can keep fine lines at bay. Fillers can also be utilized as needed to enhance areas you want to shine.

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  • Prevention and maintenance are key during this life stage.

    Most people will start to develop fine lines during this time and BOTOX® can be a key player in wrinkle prevention. Starting in your late thirties and early forties, facial volume loss becomes an issue. Subtle injections of an HA filler can lift the face to make you look brighter and less tired.

    If you are starting to notice skin and hair changes, it can pay off to be proactive. Oral supplements like Nutrafol for hair and IVs for micronutrient issues can help you maintain and slow signs of aging. Explore the regenerative aesthetic treatments we perform — including IVs and NAD+ — to help make your cellular age superior to your actual age. This will benefit how you look (and feel!).

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  • Continuing with prevention and maintenance is essential, but a greater focus should be placed on regenerative aesthetics.

    In addition to PRP, microneedling, exosomes, lasers, NAD+, and red light therapy, hormonal treatments can also be advantageous.

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The Science of Anti-Aging

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