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HomeBlogWhat are the New Formulations of Intravenous Lipid Emulsions?

Intravenous Lipid Emulsions are not new. Current brand names include Intralipid, Nutralipid, Clinolipid, SMOFlipid, and Omegaven, among others. They were first done in the 1960s using a soybean oil emulsion.

Now, different brands vary in the ingredients they use: soybean oil, olive oil, fish oil, and medium chain triglycerides. The biggest name in the space — Intralipid — uses 100% soybean oil. Our skilled doctors at Biohackr Health have moved away from using 100% soybean oils, as linoleic acid, which has pro-inflammatory properties, makes up 50% of soybean oil. The other oils have more omega-3 fatty acids, which you know are anti-inflammatory. Oils like olive oil have less essential fatty acids, but there is also the thought that soybean oil may cause more liver damage for those using it long-term for nutrition; therefore, a combination may be better.

When looking at clinical outcomes, there doesn’t seem to be statistically significant differences between the different lipid emulsions when exploring biomarkers, such as serum levels of specific fatty acids, liver function enzymes, and inflammatory markers. But it just makes logical sense to us to use a lipid infusion that’s more anti-inflammatory.

How Can Biohackr Health Help?

  • IV Lipid Emulsion Therapy: This has been shown in studies to help — particularly for those doing IVF therapy, significantly improving the clinical pregnancy rate, ongoing pregnancy rate, and live birth rate.
  • Patient education: We will continue to evaluate different products and improve what we use as this area evolves. Biohackr Health is dedicated to evolving as our knowledge does, and we will educate you in the process.


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