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image of DNA and moleculesTelomere length is a well-known marker of cellular aging. We know telomeres shorten with aging, are associated with age-related diseases, and can be worsened by diet, stress, and inactivity.

Telomerase activation is thought to be anti-aging. This study, “Discovery of potent telomerase activators: Unfolding new therapeutic and antiaging perspectives,” was published in August 2019 in Molecular Medicine Reports.

This study looked at the effect of natural compounds on telomerase activity in human peripheral blood cells. They looked at multiple compounds at different concentrations. They then looked at the telomerase activity following treatment and compared those to untreated cells.

They dissolved the compounds in ethanol and then tested in cell cultures.

What did they find?

  • They looked at 08AGTLF (centella asiatica extract) Nutrient 4 (astragalus extract), TA-65 (astragalus membranaceus extract), OA (oleanolic acid), MA (maslinic acid), and three multi-nutrient formulas.
  • They found the highest activation in 08AGTLF (8.8X), OA (5.9X), Nutrient 4 (4.3X).
  • There was a synergistic effect of nutrients and natural compounds.
  • Human studies are needed.

Where did they get the supplies from? 08AGTLF is high-purity triterpenes from ApexBio Company. OA was from Sigma Aldrich and MA from Extrasyntheses. Nutrient 4 was from Natural Doctor SA. These are not ready to buy for people yet.

This is bench science, which will enter the biohacking space.

The leader in this study was the Centella asiatica extract, 08AGTLF, which is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. In mice, it has been shown to improve cognitive ability, help with wound healing, and improve antioxidants. In mice, it has been shown to help with healing burn wounds, preventing bacterial growth, and helping new skin cells grow.

We at Biohackr Health are on it.

We are monitoring the forefront of the anti-aging movement, keeping science as the key to our approach. Stay tuned.

The Science of Anti-Aging

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