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HomeBlogMicroneedling At Home: 7 Reasons Why At-Home Microneedling Isn’t a Good Idea

microneedling treatmentYou can get everything on the internet nowadays. When you see microneedling offered at a medical center and observe the cost, then visit Amazon to see if you can buy it online for nothing, why go to the medical facility and pay more?

I get it, but there are real reasons to opt for medical-grade microneedling:

  • Medical-grade microneedling uses sterile needles. You want to have a high level of sterility so the injury does not lead to infection. Any inflammation creates scar tissue, which can cause pigmentation issues, thickening of the skin, and other concerns.
  • Medical-grade microneedling is adjustable to different depths. This is super important — you don’t want to go to the same depth on the forehead as you do under the eyes or the neck. You want to be skin deep — not penetrate the fat and tissue deep into the skin.
  • Going to someone well-versed in knowing the recommended depth for different areas of the face, as well as unique skin types, is important. Experience and safety count. This helps avoid complications, infections, and inflammation.
  • The number of microneedles, the gauge, and the sharpness of the needle are important.
  • Reusing needles is not advised for infection reasons and sharpness. Again, you don’t want infection or inflammation that creates scar and pigmentation issues. Using dull needles causes damage — not the controlled needle stimulation you want.
  • Microneedling opens up your skin to allow for aesthetic treatments. This can be hyaluronic acid, PRP, or exosomes. These are things that need to be medical-grade, sterile, and applied appropriately.
  • Microneedling can hurt to undergo. Can you perform it evenly? Minimizing your pain?

We understand the desire to do things at home to reduce cost. But you don’t want to try anything that can cause long-term damage.

How Can Biohackr Health Help?

We offer microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) using a device called Sylfirm. See our information. Sylfirm X is the only device with precise thermal coagulation and dual wave technology. This allows our microneedling to yield less pain and downtime with all of the same benefits of collagen stimulation. This is a great treatment for redness, aging, pores, and pigmentation.

The Science of Anti-Aging

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