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NAD levels affect your entire body. And that includes your digestive system, primarily your liver. Your liver is important to your body function. You only have one liver. It detoxifies compounds, acts as a giant filter for your body, and it makes bile to help digest fat and carry away waste in your body. You only get one liver and you cannot live without it.

So what do we see with NR with the liver? Again, most of these are experimental studies in mice.

  • Mice who had partial liver removal had NR in their drinking water which promoted liver regeneration
  • In high fat diet, NR helped improve liver mitochondrial function and NAd levels, which prevented lipid accumulation in the liver “fatty liver.”
  • NR and NMN can prevent liver injury. NR given 2.5g/kg in food for 3 months significantly reduced the levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides, AST, ALT, and increased the NAD levels in the liver. Less inflammatory infiltrate and liver fibrosis were seen
  • In mice a multi ingredient mixture of betaine, carnitine, and NR slowed non alcoholic fatly liver disease and corrected the intestinal microbiome modulation of short chain fatty acids seen in feces.
  • In humans, daily NR and PT was given to 111 adults with non alcoholic fatty liver disease in a 6 month prospective randomized double blind trial. Treatment was well tolerated and significantly decreased serum ceramide (a toxid lipid), ALT, GGT.
  • NR 400 mg/kg/da for 20 weeks prevent development of liver failure
  • In alcoholics, NR treatment (a400mg/kg for 16 days) lessened liver injury induced by alcohol in mice.
  • In SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus) NR significantly inhibited the liver virus inflammation.
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