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Niacinamiden is a topical Vitamin B product.  We consider it a vital part of your skincare routine. As trained physicians at Biohackr Health, we focus on aesthetic treatments that are medical-grade quality and have science supporting their claims. Medical-grade products are the same cost as over-the-counter skin treatments, so it’s in the best interest of our patients to use skincare products which actually do something.

This product has been proven in study after study to help with difficult issues, such as anti-aging and pigmentation. It has actually been shown to reduce rates of actinic keratosis (pre-skin cancer) and skin cancer (basal cell and squamous cell) at the 5% concentration. Ours is 15 percent — makes your skin prettier and prevents cancer? Sign us up!

What is in Our Niacinamide 15% Formula?

  • 15% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 
  • Algae extract: Naturally purifying, helps reduce visible signs of redness
  • Green tea polyphenols and licorice: Powerful antioxidants
  • Alpha arbutin and Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vitamin C): Strong antioxidants that brighten and promote an even skin tone
  • Allantoin: A keratolytic that maintains water content to hydrate skin
  • Peptide Complex: Helps target wrinkles

How Do I Use Our Niacinamide 15% Formula?

  • We recommend applying the product in the morning (and using our Retinol serum at night).
  • The solution is well-tolerated by all skin types.
  • This reduces discoloration and redness, prevents moisture loss, reduces pore size, and helps control production of excess sebum.

Want to read the studies? We blog about some of them, but visit the link here to see it for yourself.

The Science of Anti-Aging

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