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How do you age better? At a dinner party recently consisting of 45 to 65 year olds, the topic of the night was health. How to sleep better? Are you tracking your blood sugar with a continuous glucose monitor? What about other wearables? What is your ApoB? What about NAD levels, frequency of exercise, or cardiac calcium scans? Some of these guests had spent $100,000 to $200,000 (YES, that is not a typo) to have intensive testing performed and create a plan to age better.

Can you extend your lifespan? Maybe; however, the bigger focus is to extend your healthspan. People want to play pickleball, golf, and bike. They want to travel. And they understand the key to achieving their goals is to optimize their health.

We created Biohackr Benchmark for this exact need.

Biohackr Benchmark is a plan to incorporate 80-90% of the diagnostics in these incredibly expensive programs for a fraction of the costs. We leveraged our ability to gain access to these tests in order to lower the costs for you. We collect all of the samples in our clinic (no need to wait in laboratory waiting rooms), with the exception of the Cardiac Calcium CT scan. We will then review  where YOUR risks are, and how to optimize your results. Our goal is an individualized approach and treatment guide. For prescription medication, your general doctor will prescribe. For any treatments for hormones, micronutrients, and anti-aging, we provide these services in our clinic. Fortunately, NAD treatments are included in our program.

This is a scientific endeavor. We are not here to sell you snake oil. You need to undergo diagnostic testing to know objectively what you need, and tailor your treatment accordingly. After treatment, you may require additional testing to measure your response.

We focus on 7 major areas:

    1. CANCER. We do a screen for this in two fundamental ways:
      • First we screen for oncogenes, which predispose you to cancer. The most famous of these is the BRCA gene and its relation to breast cancer. However, our screening tests for 80+ oncogenes. This lets you know if you are predisposed to cancers and, potentially, which ones. This may make you more vigilant in remembering to undergo mammograms or other types of testing earlier.
      • Second, we test for presence of cancer currently. This is the Galleri blood test, which scans the blood for little pieces shed by cancer into the bloodstream, alerting to over 50 types of cancer. 71% of cancer-related deaths are caused by cancers not commonly screened for.
    2. HEART/ATHEROSCLEROSIS/CHOLESTEROL/DIABETES. We screen for this in multiple ways:
      • Cholesterol is a big risk factor for heart disease. We do a comprehensive lipid panel, which goes beyond LDL and HDL. We look at homocysteine, Apo B, Apo A, and LPa.  This is an area where medication has a big effect, and some of the damage may be reversible. Many now think that Apo B is a better indicator for atherosclerosis risk than LDL.
      • Insulin resistance/diabetes risk. We do this through an insulin panel, again, for a deeper dive into your risk. Diabetes continues to exact an enormous toll on our health. Diet, exercise, and other treatments can lower your risk of prediabetes progressing.  There is also thought that “richer” glucose levels in the blood are associated with weight gain and higher cancer risk.
      • Cardiac Calcium CT Scan. This provides a snapshot of what atherosclerotic plaque you may already have in your arteries. What happens in the heart is happening elsewhere in the blood vessels to your brain, legs, and organs. This gives an idea of your current atherosclerotic state. We have you undergo this testing at Stanford University nearby.
    3. HORMONES. For men and women hormones affect so many systems — skin quality, hair thickness, muscle and exercise tolerance, sleep, sex drive, and weight.
      • We test hormone levels, which includes testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, FSH, LH, and more.
      • Thyroid levels are also tested.
      • We offer bioidentical hormone pelleting  tailored to your results.
      • We have extensive treatments for hair loss, from oral supplements to topical products to PRP microneedling for the scalp.
  1. BIOLOGIC AGE. This is a key to biohacking — what is your biologic age relative to your actual age? We know many people seem “younger” than their true age. There are ways to optimize this, from exercise and dieting to NAD and glutathione supplementation.
    • Telomere length testing
    • NAD supplementation IV and oral (NAD testing is also available)
  2. MICRONUTRIENTS. As time goes on, we are realizing vitamins and minerals exert effects on all of our body systems. Many know of the importance of Vitamin D and check those levels, but are you testing Vitamin B? Magnesium? Antioxidant levels? We do an extensive micronutrient test that looks at vitamin levels, but also minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and copper; Amino Acids; Antioxidants like alpha lipoic Acid, CoQ10, glutathione, Selenium, and Cysteine; Carbohydrate metabolism; and metabolites like inositol, carnitine, and choline. We offer lots of support here through IV therapy and supplements.
  3. METABOLIC ANALYSIS AND COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT. These are tests you have likely had before to examine kidney function, liver function, and your blood levels of white blood cells and red blood cells. This is part of any comprehensive workup.
  4. BODY COMPOSITION. What is your weight? What percentage of your weight is fat? When aging, you need to build muscle mass. Are you overweight? We do an InBODY Scan to test your body composition. We also offer weight loss treatments, from IV support to semaglutide

Biohackr Benchmark is an incredible deep dive into YOU.  Is your biggest risk cancer? Heart disease? Diabetes? Are you missing micronutrients? What is your biologic age? Can you improve it?

The cost for our entire program is less than $8,000. More importantly, if you can know where your risk lies and perform preemptive steps now, you may avoid larger and more costly issues down the road. Our Biohackr Benchmark program is a fraction of the cost of similar programs in order to ensure this knowledge and testing are more accessible.

Optimize YOU.

The Science of Anti-Aging

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