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Does Dieting Affect Telomere Length?

We at Biohackr Health are science-based, and we aren’t just here to sell you potions. We are here to help you learn how to increase longevity. And sometimes that’s as easy as being aware of what you eat. This was a study in Advanced Nutrition November 2019, “Plant Rich Dietary Patterns, Plant Foods and Nutrients, and Telomere Length.”  The thought […]

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Top 10 Recommendations to Improve Health in 2024 From the American Medical Association

  New Year’s resolutions can be short-lived or hollow. That said, we do love how many people tend to take a step back to focus on their health. The American Medical Association (AMA) published an article listing the top ten recommendations to help “Americans make the most impactful, long lasting improvements to their health in 2024 and beyond.” They are focused […]

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Can Probiotics Lower Your Blood Sugar?

Simply put, yes. Probiotics that are thought to be anti-diabetic, can improve biomarkers of inflammation, and lower fasting blood glucose include: Lactobacillus Bifidobacterium Akkermansia muciniphilia (touted to improve metabolic functions) There are many studies in journals on this subject, most of them in the past few years. We know disease processes have different flora in the gut: Crohns, Multiple Sclerosis, […]

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Does Semaglutide Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks?

Semaglutide is known as a weight loss and diabetes medication. But recently, there have been published studies showing evidence that the medication offers health benefits in many other ways — particularly when it comes to lowering cardiac risk and what are known as “major adverse cardiac events” (MACE) such as a stroke, heart attack, or heart failure. The New England […]

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How to Preserve Telomere Length: Exploring Your Heart and Blood Sugar

  Anti-aging is something you can have an impact on. Genetics play a large factor, but knowing your health status means you can implement certain measures to improve. If you have a strong family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes, you need to be proactive. Not only will it help your current health, it will improve your […]

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Should you get a glucose monitor? Wearables to follow your blood sugar.

There are tons of devices out there to look at your blood sugar level. CGM is a continuous glucose monitor. In our American diet, many people progress to Type 2 diabetes, which tends to happen more with genetics, obesity, and increased age. We assess this at Biohackr Health by checking your fasting glucose and HbA1C levels (this looks at average […]

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Comprehensive Plan to Aging: Benefits of Biohackr Benchmark

How do you age better? At a dinner party recently consisting of 45 to 65 year olds, the topic of the night was health. How to sleep better? Are you tracking your blood sugar with a continuous glucose monitor? What about other wearables? What is your ApoB? What about NAD levels, frequency of exercise, or cardiac calcium scans? Some of […]

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How Walking for 2 Minutes After Meals Can Lower Blood Sugar

Got diabetes? Elevated HbA1C? Are you tracking your glucose and seeing a spike after meals that you’d like to improve? It turns out a quick walk after a meal — even for two to five minutes — can reduce your blood sugar and insulin levels. This was a study published in Sports Medicine 2023. They found that physical activity before […]

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Insulin Resistant? Read Study on Magnesium and Vitamin K Intake

This was a published study from April 2023 exploring dietary Magnesium and Potassium intake, and their respective effects on body fat for people with impaired glucose tolerance. We know that improving your blood sugar control — what’s called “glycemic control and insulin resistance” — can reduce mortality and morbidity associated with Type 2 diabetes. Body fat accumulation is the single […]

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Nicoya Peninsula

The Significance of Blue Zones

Blue zones are places people live to be 100 and have extended, healthier lives. Only one of these is located in the US — Loma Linda, a small city in California. There has been a lot of talk about these places recently, as well as a new Netflix documentary special. These longevity “hotspots” include: Ikaria, an island in Greece Okinawa, […]

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