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Everyone knows diabetes is bad for you. Many people aren’t truly diabetic; however, their blood sugar runs on the higher side. You can see this from your fasting glucose level or your Hemoglobin A1C level (which gives you an average over the past 3 months).

But just exactly how bad is it?

This was a journal article in September 2023 from Antioxidant Journal entitled,Biohacking Better Health- Leveraging Metabolic Biochemistry to Maximize Healthspan.” We found it searching through PubMed on a Sunday afternoon.

Wow, do they hate high insulin levels. In their abstract, they talk about longevity and healthspan (two of our favorite topics!) and how you need to overcome chronic diseases that work against those. They talk about diabetes, cancer, dementia, high blood pressure, and heart health. But they then went on to say these diseases are just “hyperinsulinemia presenting in different tissue types.”

In other words, they are arguing that the root cause of heart disease, blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes are all the same — high insulin levels. The article then goes on to support this theory.


  • Reduces antioxidants by reducing synthesis and increasing consumption.
  • Enforces glucose fueling, consuming NAD. This leads to decreased sirtuin and oxidative capacity, leading to more reactive oxygen species.
  • Tumor formation is increased, due to oxidizing cardiolipin and reducing oxidative phosphorylation.
  • Increases senescent cells, which increases morbidity and mortality.

They love fasting and ketogenic diets. Both of these decrease insulin secretion and demand. There are lifestyles that lower insulin levels, and they argue this improves oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, which makes cells healthier. Healthy cells equal healthier tissue and organs, resulting in better healthspan.

Read the study here.

Our thoughts?

Very interesting. Insulin resistance is bad. We have known that for years. Semaglutide works in a fundamental way to improve insulin resistance, and we are seeing health benefits that extend beyond just the weight loss. Blood pressure, heart failure, and other diseases are improving. Is this proof that insulin resistance is the major culprit? We know metformin (which lowers insulin resistance) has been shown in studies to help prevent cancer recurrence, and diabetics have higher rates for some types of cancers.

How Can Biohackr Health Help?

  • TESTING: We have insulin resistance panels, Hemoglobin A1C screenings, and other testing.
  • Semaglutide: If your BMI is over 27 (with an additional medical issue) or for sure over 30, study after study shows the benefit to your weight and health to consider semaglutide therapy. After treating hundreds of patients, we are well-versed in how to advise and monitor you.
  • Try to become less insulin resistant: Post menopausal? Hormones may help.  Older? NAD supplementation may help. Is your HbA1C higher? Consider Metformin.
  • Things that also may help: We are dedicated to helping outside of Biohackr Health. Wearables (using a tracker to see your blood glucose after meals to figure out your pattern), intermittent fasting, and walking after meals have all been shown to help. Explore related blogs here.

We are dedicated to education. As we discover new ways to help, we will educate you in our clinics, on our website, and through our blogs. This is evolving medicine.


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