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Therapies Based On Scientific Principles

Get Your Flu Shot: It Can Lower Your Risk of a Heart Attack

Healthspan is a big deal for us at Biohackr Health. For those of you with atherosclerosis and a higher risk of heart attacks, we want to advise you on ways to be healthier. One simple measure you can take? Get your flu shot. This was a study published in Scientific Reports in Nature, November 2023 — “Influenza vaccination and major […]

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Vitamin A: spotlight

VITAMIN A is a workhorse vitamin associated with your immune system, antioxidant, and wound healing. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, which means it is stored in your body in the fat. It is best absorbed with fat foods. It is found in animal and plant sources. Beta carotene is a common plant source, where you find it in […]

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